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What is Gestalt Therapy 

Gestalt therapy is a relational therapy that integrates talking with a practical and creative approach. It can be very helpful in times of personal difficulty and change: for support, a safe space to explore difficult feelings, to understand patterns in relationships and to work on making (or dealing with unexpected) changes in one’s life.

It is suitable for longer-term therapy as well as brief or focused work. Gestalt therapy can therefore be a way to address a wide range of psychological issues, including, in some circumstances, some complex mental health problems. It can also be used for personal development.  Therapy can take place in groups as well as one-to–one, however, here at Worcester Therapy Group it is currently offered only as individual therapy.

Gestalt practitioners believe that people need to be understood as part of their wider environment (which includes our relationships with other people) and sees us all as influencing and being influenced by our surroundings all the time. Therapy seeks to enhance a person’s awareness of themselves as a unique and whole person (their feelings, sensations, thoughts, values, beliefs and behaviours) as well as awareness of how they organise, present themselves and respond to events in their environment. This allows an exploration of the choices that we often make as well as those we may dismiss or avoid and offers an opportunity to discard patterns or release ‘interruptions’ that are no longer helpful or healthy for us.

This form of therapy works through developing awareness of moment-to-moment activity in the therapeutic setting and within the relationship between the client and practitioner. This awareness can be extended to other environments and situations.  Therapy offers a ‘relational space’ within which (and with an appropriate amount support) our current way of being can be expressed, explored, validated and challenged and new choices can be tried out. This helps to increase our range of choices about how we live our lives and make contact with other people and our environment.

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