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Bereavement & Loss

Grieving is the natural process we go through in response to loss of many kinds e.g. death, permanent injury, losing a job, relationship breakdown, or any variety of life change. When we are in the midst of grief we feel it will never end, that we might always feel as we do now and may even see it hard to imagine any future happiness. The loss of someone significant, through death, though sometimes through separation, can be one of the hardest things to experience in our life. Other losses such as loss of a job, loss of good health, or major life changes such as retirement, can cause the same symptoms of grief.

Grief takes time to work through. There are no hard and fast guidelines. It takes as long as it takes, but as a general rule it will take longer than you expect. Try not to get over it ‘too quickly’ nor adopt a ‘stiff upper lip’ attitude. Grief is inevitable, normal, and an entirely human response. We may not grieve much immediately, but weeks, maybe months later we start to feel upset and painfully aware of our loss. Everyone’s experience of loss is entirely individual. No one can tell you how you will or should feel.  Even people in the same family may grieve in different ways. Some may wish to celebrate the life to the deceased; others show their tragedy and sorrow in a more visible way. Some are quiet and low key, others may wish to talk of their loss at length.

Symptoms of normal grief:

Some self-help advice:

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