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Barbourne Health Centre

Coronavirus Support Service

The impact of Coronavirus on mental health

A recent survey* revealed that 6 out of 10 adults (62%) were feeling panicked and unprepared by the coronavirus outbreak. Just over 10% felt lonely and nearly a fifth (18%) admitted to feelings of hopelessness. Common concerns were; the threat of debt, job insecurity, disruption to home life, along with ongoing worries about contracting the virus or having loved ones infected, with an increased risk of drinking, smoking or taking drugs as unhealthy forms of coping. Another study, published in the Lancet in February, noted that being restricted to your home can be an unpleasant experience in itself, “Separation from loved ones, the loss of freedom, uncertainty over disease status, and boredom, can on occasion create dramatic effects.”

If your mental wellbeing has been affected, expert help is available with no waiting lists and with appointment times to suit you. The online support we provide could be vital in maintaining your mental health through these difficult times. Even a couple of sessions could make the difference. Contact us to book an online initial consultation and find out what help is available. Our charges have been scaled down to try to be more affordable, and there is no expectation to commit to ongoing work.

*Conducted by the Mental Health Foundation in partnership with the Institute of Public Health at the University of Cambridge.

Our fees for support sessions

40-minute online initial consultation - £40

The aim of this consultation is to establish what kind of specialist support would be most helpful for you at this current moment e.g. do you simply need someone skilled at helping you to talk issues through, or do you need more specific help with managing your feelings and anxieties. This will be conducted by one of the senior therapists at the practice.

30-minute online support sessions - £30.00

If you would like to secure a contracted set of sessions in advance, they are available at slightly reduced rates:

6 x 30-min sessions - £170.00

10 x 30-min sessions - £280.00


Payments for all sessions can be made by card
securely over the phone.

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